July 12, 2022

3 Things You Need to Know about Segmentation

Overtime marketers have realized the need to segment their respective web visitors, prospects, audience, and customers. Even so, some of them still overlook its importance in their overall marketing strategy.

The fact is that segmentation is a method you should take into account from the very beginning as it will help you understand people’s needs and ultimately it will lead to more sales. For your further references regarding this matter, you should read the following inbound marketing tips we are about to provide to you.

  • Drive Sales

You can segment your web visitors and audience in a number of ways. You can even use your own unique ways for this purpose, but there are some effective methods of segmentation that will drive more sales.

For instance, segmentation based on role. As people possess different levels of purchasing power and influence, you should understand their roles within the areas they are involved in. By doing so, you will be able to present high quality content that meets their expectations.

Another segmentation that will give you great gains is aged-based segmentation. Adults and teenagers have different preferences. Again, you need to understand their respective needs, patterns, and habits. In short, if you are able to understand their expectations regardless of their age, it will be your ammunition to communicate with them and lure them to put their trust in your brand.

Aside from role-based and age-based segmentation, there are also geographic segmentation, sex-based segmentation, interest-based segmentation, time-based segmentation, and engagement segmentation that will help you gain many benefits. But the bottom line is you have to know what those people expect from you and how your brand can fulfill it.

  • Segmentation is Not Personalization

Although the concepts are quite similar, segmentation is not the same as personalization. While personalization is more at individual or personal level, segmentation is how you group your audience for more focused selling.

Regardless, when you segment your audience and personalize your content, ensure that the rules are supporting each other. In order to make your strategy work well in both segmentation and personalization, you have to contemplate the logical rules for your strategy.

  • Tools for Segmentation

To help you segment your customers, you need to use some handy tools. Marketing automation tools such as ExactTarget and Marketo will be a great assistance. These tools also have stepped into content personalization so it will prevent you from making illogical rules for both segmentation and personalization purposes.

There are also website segmentation tools you can use, depending on your level of sophistication, need, and budget. For instance, Visual Website Optimizer is an entry-level tool for conducting referral source segmentation and geographic segmentation. The tool is quite easy to set up and allows you to estimate the impact of your personalized content on conversions. There is also Evergage that provides you with a wide range of behaviors to personalize.

These are some of things you need to know about segmentation in the digital marketing world. We hope the inbound marketing tips will help you understand the need of conducting segmentation in your overall marketing strategy.

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