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September 6, 2022

Obtain Qualified Leads from the Traffic You Have Generated

You might find yourself getting excited when you see a large amount of traffic on your website. You then start imagining the revenue you will generate from that amazing traffic alone. If you do just that, you should stop right now because you cannot make certain that all the traffic you have gathered so far will generate revenue.

But that situation will bring merit to your side so long as you know the ways to obtain qualified leads among those traffics. Then let us introduce you to these digital marketing tips that can be applied to reach that objective.

  • Your Website is Like a Research Field

Did you know that a vast majority of visitors treat websites as their research field? So make certain that yours is provided with the kind of information that will help your visitors make quick decisions about your brands. Align with your sales team to ensure they will give a fast and proper response to those who contact you. Focus more on potential buyers that can impact the bottom line of your sales funnel.

If you find visitors who are not engaging, you can exclude them by either funneling them into lead nurturing programs or removing them from your targeting. Moreover, if certain content receives high traffic but does not generate many leads, consider taking them down and working on the content that will attract more potential buyers. It might decrease your traffic, but there is also an opportunity to increase sales rates.

  • Say No to Indiscriminate Ads

When it comes to ads, you should focus your efforts more on your potential buyers. For example, if your ideal audience is more active on LinkedIn, then that is the right place to post your ads. The bottom line is you have to prioritize your digital marketing efforts for your buyer personas over high traffic.

  • Provide Valuable Information for Ideal Buyers

Today’s customers are refused to be sold to. They know exactly what they want and look for. That being the case, you should provide them with valuable information that can solve their pain points. Before that, make sure you have analyzed their activity on your site to determine what they want from you. If by any chance your visitors spend more time on your case studies, it means you have to devote your efforts to create and promote that kind of content. 

Getting high traffic is not always associated with generating revenues. If your objective is to close more sales, your digital marketing efforts should be more focused on that matter even if it means less traffic. 

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