Boost website performance and

increase brand awareness through


Samsung partners with InboundID to maintain Samsung website performance by running SEO campaign, including keywords and website optimization as well as content marketing. In handling the campaign, the challenge was the limited amount of time for optimization process to make sure all of the targeted keywords are on the 1st page of Google Search.

We managed to increase the brand awareness of Samsung, especially Samsung events and their product launching events, gained new queries at the end at the campaign and also put most of the targeted keywords to Google’s 1st page.


increased impression
from previous campaign


targeted keywords on 1st page of Google Search
at the end of campaign


new queries
at the end of campaign

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Built high quality backlinks and increasing brand awareness through SEO


targeted keywords

Samsung is South Korean multinational conglomerate which has many electronic products. They had a number of event promotion and products launching and they want us to increase the brand awareness. For that, we ran SEO campaign which include optimizing keywords and website also content marketing. The result was that we managed to built high-quality backlinks for Samsung’s website and 78% the targeted keywords were on the first page of Google search. We had also increase the brand awareness of Samsung’s promoted and launched products.


targeted keywords on 1st page of Google


increased brand awareness

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