Facebook Ad Mistakes That Affect Your Inbound Marketing

Making mistakes is inevitable, especially if you had put your money to your Facebook Ad as a tool of your inbound marketing methodology. You might be wondering what makes your Facebook Ad performance not as good as you hoped for. Therefore, in order to avoid the similar mistakes, here is the list of Facebook Ads that you should avoid in the future. 

  • Unattractive Image and Body Copy

Image is the first thing that captures viewers’ attention and copy helps them to know the information of what the image offers. Making your image to be desirable clicked might be tricky. Thus, make sure your ad is relevant to what your products offer.

For instance, you can use your products as the highlight of your ad. Then, along with a good image, you should also point out a good copy. Make it simple yet call-to-action. Avoid typos since it will make your ads look unpleasant.

  • Having Wrong Targets

The aim of Facebook Ad for your inbound social selling is to gain audiences and engage them to be your potential customers. However, no matter how good your image and body copy, the poor targeting will only make you waste your money. To solve the problem, start finding relevant fans with your products. Then, Facebook Ad tool to target your ad accordingly. Make it as specifically as you can to not make the same mistake.

  • Trusting in Only One Ad

You are having a wrong idea if you think one ad is enough to offer your products. Creating only one Facebook Ad means you decrease your opportunity to be more clicked. Try to make at least five versions of your ads which have different objectives, images, copies and targeting. Use the most-clicked as the guidance for your future ads.

  • Forget to Check

Just because you are unsatisfied with your ads performance, it does not mean that you can neglect your Facebook Ads. Remember, from mistakes we can learn how to fix it. Make sure you check your ads performance to know if your money you spent is not going to be wasted.

Even though making mistakes is inevitable, fortunately, there are many things you can learn from making Facebook Ads mistakes as a tool for inbound marketing methodology. When you recognize these mistakes above, hopefully you can handle it carefully in the future.

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