How Content Is Effective to Generate More Leads

You might get stuck on how to generate more leads for your digital marketing business. In line with the update of Google’s Penguin and Panda, you will find the process is even more challenging now, especially when it comes to content. Why? Because search engines are more demanding and they expect you to deliver fresher, highly relevant, and original content if you want to improve the amount of leads through your website.

You know by now that content is the king in the realm of inbound marketing, so you need to do it right to feel how effective it is. But is it true that content is a beneficial tool for lead generation? How so? And what content should you use for such a purpose? Just keep reading and find out more!

  • It is Effective in B2B Industry

If done right, content will work for every industry, including B2B. In fact, more than 40% of B2B marketers claim that their content marketing efforts are proven effective to not only drive leads, but also increase sales. While it takes time to drive real results, content marketing is a powerful and long-term approach to strengthen your online presence.

Sure you can see quick returns by using native or traditional advertising, but with content, your business will keep on going and thriving for the long haul since today’s customers are depending more on great information. What’s more, content marketing is not just attracting the visitors to your website, but it exists to cater to their needs and help them solve their pain points in the process. 

  • People Prefer Content than Ads

In relation to the explanation above, it is obvious how people will value your content more than the ads. Many people choose to install ad blockers to avoid seeing ads on the websites they want to visit. At some point, inbound marketing is still using ads as they are still quite effective, but still you cannot brush the fact that your prospects prefer content than ads.

Either you are in the B2C or B2B industry, your prospects value relevant information from blog posts or articles compared to an ad. That information can be gained through a research they have conducted on their own paces. Content makes them learn a lot and helps them gain more knowledge. Most of all, content does not directly bombard them with a ‘buy now!’ exclamation on their screen.

  • Content is Flexible

You can discuss anything in content, be it positive or negative angles, as long as it is relevant to your prospects. You can go with tips, trending topics, key questions, the advantage of using something, etc that are valuable for them. As for negative angles, you can use that particular topic and try making the educational benefit it can provide.

You can also include the disadvantage of your product and service, but do not forget to always spin the content back in your favor when you reach the conclusion. By doing so, you will keep them interested and entertained that they are willing to be involved with your business.

  • It Builds Relationship

Your prospects expect you to show the human side of your brand and that can be achieved through content. It is the bridging point to communicate with them and makes them pay attention to you. Once you have built a relationship with them, they most likely will buy from you.

Content obviously plays an important role in digital marketing. It gives you many benefits, including generating more leads and sales. As long as you craft your content the right way, you can see how it helps thrive your business. Learn more and add your knowledge to use content marketing to increase conversion rates through our free white paper about Boost Conversion Rates Through Your Content Marketing Strategy. Download now!

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