The 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

You might be wondering why your social media marketing efforts do not work as you are expected. The right answer behind your failure is simply because you are not doing it right. Just because you are following others’ footsteps in digital marketing scene, does not mean you will easily hit the mark. However, you can ensure that you are staying on the right tracks by avoiding social media mistakes which are the root of your failure. So what are those social media mistakes? Check out the following explanation below!

No Social Media Strategy in Place

The success of your social media campaign depends on your strategy. Failing to create the strategy is surely the first huge mistake you have made. Just like how you identify your audience, products, and niche, the approach you are going to incorporate into your business is equally important. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that use social media platforms without preparing a solid strategy first.

Remember, creating social media account and posting attractive stuff there are not enough to strengthen your social media presence. Sure you have a bunch of followers, but what is the use of them if they do nothing? With that in mind, make sure you have a sound social media tactic in place which includes what you want to achieve by launching the strategy, who you are going to market to, what you are going to invest in, etc.

Think Social Media is Ineffective

Did you think social media platforms are the battleground that is not suitable for your business? Do you believe that those platforms are strictly for tech savvy and Millennial?  Well, we hate to say this, but you are totally off base. The fact is that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and Twitter ranging from the age of 45 to 54. The point is that social media has managed to penetrate all layers of society where age, gender, and occupation do not matter anymore. The only thing you have to do is finding effective social media approaches that will overcome the challenge and outsmart your competition in return.

Not Engaging

Social media can be a place to exchange ideas, share opinions, and interact with your audiences. However, even if you throw seemingly good stuff every now and then, it will be meaningless with little to no engagement. Your audience will take no notice of your digital marketing brand if you are not making the effort to hold their interest and engage with them. For instance, when there is a customer who files a complaint on your social channel, you fail to address it, creating a negative impression on your customer service.

No Audience to Target

You are aiming in the dark if you do not know who your target audience is. Even your thorough social media plans will fall into pieces without this important foundation. That is why before you launch any campaign, define your target audience as well as your goals.

Measure the Wrong KPIs

This will happen if you fall into the vanity metrics trap when measuring the KPIs for social media marketing. Instead of measuring the number of followers or fans on social channels, you should measure the impact of your social media strategies on your brand. Do not only focus on the numbers, but also the effectiveness of your tactics altogether.

Social media can be a challenge to your inbound marketing business and you might do some mistakes along the way. But acknowledging the mistakes will give you a leeway to avoid them. Learn more to use your social media to make benefits for your brand through our free infographics about 4 Hottest Social Media Marketing Tips to Maximize Brand Exposure. Download now!



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