Why SEO and UX are The Best Combination for Your Business?

Customers’ expectations have changed drastically over the past years, thanks to the Internet. Now they know what they expect from a digital marketing brand and, in return, the said brand should follow what they want. In short, however, they consume your content, they have their own expectations when they come in contact with you. Hence, you need to incorporate UX into your SEO campaigns to cater to today’s customer needs.

There are a lot of reasons why SEO and UX is such a great combo and to convince you, we have prepared some explanations for that matter. So keep on reading this inbound marketing info until the end!

  • UX Should Go Beyond Linear Approach

Oftentimes, UX teams only consider a linear journey from the home page. The fact is that for many brands, no more than 50% of visitors start their journey on the home page. This causes a suboptimal experience for most visitors outside that category, letting them go to other websites with a better UX. Moreover, since the hip of machine learning, user signals will affect search engine rankings.

The point is you can offer a great experience for your audiences through UX but you should go beyond the home page. In other words, consider the various entry points into your website so you can optimize the integration of SEO and UX.  

  • Content Creation

When you create content, it is a given to have your audiences and potential ones in mind. But creating content is not enough, you need to optimize it to get noticed by search engines. This is why the collaboration of UX and SEO really matters. The human elements of your inbound marketing campaign will be much appreciated by search engines since they are able to distinguish your efforts to please the users. By providing such content to the users, you will be rewarded by increased time spent on your website.

  • To Generate Lead and Increase Conversion

In the past, UX designers and SEO players competed to deliver a great experience. Even companies separated the budget between the sectors. But thanks to user-focused approaches and the changes of search engine algorithms, many today’s marketers have realized that merging UX and SEO together will help them generate more qualified leads and sales. Both UX and SEO teams should work together to offer a great experience at each stage of the customer’s journey. 

  • SEO Skill Sets Should Include UX

With the advancement of technology, search engines are now more emphasizing on providing the best user experience. This leads us to the conclusion that SEO skill sets should be broadened into UX. Unfortunately, many agencies and teams have yet to consider this. Whether an SEO team can gain insight into UX depends on the professional development programs, experience, and background. So in order to rank better from now on, the SEO team should learn and develop UX programs.

  • SEO and UX Complement Each Other

In order to produce personalized experiences for users, the UX team needs to ask the SEO team to gain the data for that matter. Vice versa, the SEO team should ask the data of website framework and content optimization insight from the UX team to make the right moves to improve rankings in SERPs. With the shared findings, they can eventually optimize the user experience that will benefit your business.

In the digital marketing realm, SEO and UX should not go against each other. Instead, they need to cooperate in order to bring out better user experiences. Add your comprehension about the benefits of combining SEO and UX for your business with the best tricks to make your visitors enjoy more of your website through our free white paper.

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